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I got a room at the motel 6 on 21st street in

Ogden Utah! I got this room as I am a single mom and this was my one night away! The room was subpar to say the least but I needed the time away so I was going to deal with it! Until the tv in my room went out and the man who came up to check basically told me the tv has a problem and there is nothing they can do until the morning because there is no maintenance!

When I asked what they would do because of this he told me to call his manager in the morning!! Are you kidding me???? I am a single mom who stretched money so I could get this night away and he tells me to call the manager??! !! I want my money back IMMEDIATELY!!!! This is unacceptable!!! I have attached pictures of the room as well!

I want someone from corporate to contact me about this! It is completely unacceptable and the worst service I’ve ever encountered!!

Elisha Callahand


Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How foolish for an alleged single mother to publish her name and telephone number on an open internet website forum. You've opened the door wide to any sort of trouble that comes your way as a result.

Why is a single mother hanging around Motel 6 ? I can think of only two reasons and neither are very wholesome.


Gotcha. She would be much better off staying at a Homeless Shelter.

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