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I arrived at the Phoenix West location at 27th Ave & the I-17 freeway. I was rudely greeted by a woman staring at me, while I gathered my money to pay for the room.

As I exited the vehicle, she promptly turned away. I thought, "Maybe she's got a call." OK. I patiently wait at the checkout window, and she's doing paperwork. It made me think, "WTF?" She then turned to me, after about 3 minutes, and GLARED at me.

I took no offense, and thought maybe she's having a bad day, whatever. I paid for the room and went to settle in. Upon my arrival, I found black hair all over the bed sheets. Gross!

I did my best to strip the bed and clean what I could, I was just tired by then. I went to wash my hands and saw something move out the corner of my eye, a cockroach, not scared at all by the presence of a human. That's when I decided to complain, and get the *** outta there! I made my complaint and left Phoenix for Las Vegas.

Upon my arrival there, I had a free night from Motel 6 from the Phoenix incidents. Check was OK, and I was excited about Vegas, right? Come on! The first night was OK, but the second night they had guest in the room above me.

There are hard wood floors in this establishment. These guys (or gals) decided to stay up until 5am, banging they're feet all over the stiff floor boards. Right above my head, my poor exhausted head. I then called the front desk 3 times to ask them to quiet down, and the attendant just sighed and said, "I'll take care of it." WTF?

I wanted to scream! Eventually, another shift came on, and kicked them out. If you want to bash Motel 6, spread this story.

It's 100% true. Funny thing, I had 2 nights left on my reservation in Vegas, and I just said, "*** it." Thanks Motel 6, Thanks!

Review about: Motel 6 Room.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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