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I checked in on August 22nd 2018 I've been in the same room 302 since I arrived from the second week the beginning of the second week there is been nothing but chaos in this Motel I have received maybe one to two night sleep that we're I've received over four maybe five hours sleep without any issues now there's a young lady singing across the hall and room 301 and this is one of many problems that exist in this Motel every night she goes downstairs and put something in the door so that people from the homeless shelter Which is less than 5 minutes away from our Motel which is located at 160 steel well Drive in Brampton Ontario Canada and she's allowing people because her window is directly on the corner she's in a corner unit as myself and every night from 11 until 5 a.m. there is nothing but fighting yelling screaming banging and the manager does nothing about it I called him several times the front desk there's a gentleman that works the front desk they called him Zoom I don't know if that's his name or if it's a nickname but every time I called down I can never get an answer on top of the managers in the office as well and he does nothing this is a guy who walks around with a baseball cap on backwards and hasn't had a haircut 2 years I don't know how you guys allowed this man to become manager but he is unacceptable I've stayed here once prior to this and I should have known better than to check in again because the first time I was here there was a fight between three girls in the hallway were one girl received 19 Staples in her head from the one of the other girls hitting her with a can of hairspray I stopped the fight and until I'm screaming in the hallway for help because the young lady was bleeding profusely and when they finally did come up it was too late I'd already taken off my shirt I was covered somebody else's blood I had to be tested 6 weeks the first time and then 6 months for two years to make sure I had caught anything from the woman's blood trying to understand that this Motel 6 is trying to be removed by the city of Brampton because of the unsavory people that come here I was downstairs in the lobby here is just a basic incident that occurred while I was sitting in the lobby a gentleman and his two friends had checked in these were businessmen or construction worker when they checked in they we're very happy polite and courteous they didn't seem like they were upset at all within 15 minutes of them going up stairs and coming back down their major complaint was that the hallway just absolutely stunk of {{Redacted}} which is absolutely true because I'm on the same floor that they were put on and every day I come upstairs and that's all I smell is {{Redacted}} they also made comments about the condition of the bed sheets having holes the condition of the actual Hotel itself riding in the elevator is absolutely terrifying because it hasn't been repaired properly in years if it had been when you ride in it it wouldn't hop and jump the way it does and it's frightening because you don't know if the elevator is going to drop or if there's something wrong with it you're going to get stuck in there there are several problems with his motel that the manager just pays no attention to it I could care less the manager is also very good friends with the stopped at work at the counter so they're in all honesty there are two people that work here that take their jobs very seriously Melanie and the young lady who got poked with a needle the needle was not from insulin it was from heroin contents were described to me and I have an idea of what it looks like I've never used it but I have friends that are addicted to it I find it unfair that these ladies put themselves at risk everyday and it's because the staff at the front desk other than Melanie don't care who they check in even if they're put on a list now I asked kindly that you do not use my name or my information because the last time I reported the fight and just so you're aware I had to attend court and give testimony at that hearing the girls were both found guilty of Grievous bodily harm which I think was still a light charge because I saw what they were doing was caught on tape the tape was used in or the video I should say was used in the court hearing to prove what it occurred and at this point again it took them a long long time to come upstairs I was fighting off these two girls trying to protect this other young lady who was unconscious on the ground and was bleeding extremely badly from the back of her head that's not what I'm reporting what I'm reporting this time is the excessive noise coming and the fighting in the hallway from drunken people that are being let into the motel from the doors at the side of the building I paid $560 a week to stay here right now luckily my apartment should be ready on the 1st of October but that still doesn't change the fact that I paid you guys over $1,600 to stay here so far and literally not one person has come to me and apologized the bus noise or the bad behavior of any of the other tenants that are or guests that are legitimately staying here for business or for pleasure they're on vacation whatever the case maybe yes your Motel is much cheaper than others but Brampton is and has become very overpopulated are prime minister allowed a lot of immigrants to come here because they needed a place to go because their country is in dire need of help because of the wars that continually go on there but that doesn't make it okay on what's Happening Here when you stay here throughout the day it's fine 11:00 at night it's like everything changes it has a lot to do with the fact that the man the night manager Sonny and this gentleman Zoom who works the counter have no interest in leaving behind the closed shutter and you're lucky if you get anybody to speak to you because 9 times out of 10 both the manager and the customer care at the front desk are both sitting in the manager's office watching a movie or talking or doing something other than that what they should be doing which is watching the cameras and making sure that nobody's getting into the building it legally and it's unbelievable how many times I've been woken up at let's take tonight for instance the reason I'm filing this complaint is because of the behavior of some of these people that are staying here at night you guys are renting out rooms to people who really are just coming here to party and I'm not asking you to discriminate I'm asking you to have the manager do his job and the people that work here at the counter do there's like I sat during the day things are fine but at night time it turns into a completely different place and it goes anywhere from drunken fights to people throwing things through windows two weeks ago we had a baseball team come here and they were throwing or pitching beer cans at cars in the parking lot it started at 2:30 in the afternoon when they had won their tournament and they came back here and started drinking outside fair enough they were enjoying themselves trying to blow off some steam and celebrate but when 2:30 in the morning comes around and they're completely and fully intoxicated to the point where they were yelling screaming doing absurd things and the manager doesn't say anything mr.

Resume as all call him chose to do nothing about it until I told him that they were throwing beer cans at cars in the backyard or in the back lot sorry and I did tell him that until his shift was about to end because they had finally called the police at 2:30 in the morning and by that time the damage was done because everybody here that was staying at the motel and was staying here for a legitimate reasons I am here waiting for my apartment to be ready there are other family staying here because they have not been able to find a place to live yet like I said we are extremely overpopulated in our city right now and we're very close to the airport so as soon as they're coming off the plane and Brampton has a lot of government services that can help people which they're entitled to but this kind of behavior by people who stay here and for the manager to take it too lightly and not answer the phone when people are calling down to complain that's just another way for them to ignore and pretend like it's not happening because my understanding is that if something does occur they have to do some type of a report and if that was the case they would have to do 5 to 7 at night because that's a minimum amount of events that occur at this motel at that time I ask that you please even if you send a guest here or somebody from your company to be a guest here and put them on Save the third floor I guarantee you that they will not be very happy by the time they leave when I look up this Motel it's got 1 and 1/4 stars out of 5 and that's because in all honesty it's more of a brothel and a crack house then it is a motel people come here from all over the world and think that they're going to have a good stay they don't come here and aren't aware of the homeless shelter being just down the street and if one of their friends has money and can afford to rent a room here all his friends show up here and they will unbelievably but true will stand there throwing rocks at the window and then get one of them to come down and open the door now this is all caught on video there are security cameras for them to watch but they choose not to do anything about these events. One Chas the manager Weatherby the regional manager or Sunny the other manager offered to cop anybody nor myself or return partial payment for be unfair and unacceptable behavior of people that they're letting in here and again I'm not asking you to discriminate but it's pretty obvious when they've got arms that literally have nothing but track marks from Needles on them and again one of I believe she is the head clean she's in charge of all the cleaning staff get stuck with a heroin needle some stores do things like putting in a secret shopper so that they can determine how the customer service is where the storage wall of doctors on it so far and I'm sure you know what I'm speaking about I ask that you do the same for here have them spend one week here and ask them to spend it at night time listening and paying attention to what's going on here because the city of Brampton and I'm well aware of this I was in a meeting Less Than 3 weeks ago I believe it was August 19th I could be wrong about the date but my point being was that your Motel 6 was brought up as being by one of the newspapers the Brampton Guardian as being the ghetto of Brampton I understand it's difficult to stop people from renting rooms but if they become a problem and their problem multiple nights in a row as I said for the last four nights the girl in room 301 has been letting people in from the shelter the first night I asked him to be quiet the gentleman told me to go f myself and go back in my room so I got dressed and went out into the hallway to confront him and as I did he took off like a bullet down the stairs and on top of that the young girl who is staying here is the young lady that I filed multiple complaints with mr. Zoom and sunny the manager and nothing has been done I'm still being it's right now it is 20 to 7 I've been awake since 2:35 this morning a.m. and this is happen for 4 nights in a row even with the complaints that I have filed I had to call the police last night and when the police arrived instead of mr.

Zoom letting the police come up to deal with her because the lady on the phone had told me they wanted to speak to me as well they told the police that there was no issue and that upset me extremely and that's another reason why I'm filing this complaint the last time I filed the complaint about the fight with the girls in the hallway and the amount of blood and the events that I would have to go through because of the blood that I got on me was unfair and nobody listen nobody cared even when I called the head office or the customer service line I got treated like I was doing something wrong by staying here and that I should have just stayed out of it well for the record I am a disabled War back I spent two and a half years for the record I am a disabled War veteran I spent two and a half years in Iraq in Desert storm and being a soldier you do everything in your power to protect anybody you see in trouble in that sense I wasn't thank for my efforts I was basically treated badly for it as if I should have just let this young lady bleed to death in the hallway there was so much blood that that part of the carpet had to be cut out and replaced and was I don't care how they treated me but at this point when I'm trying to get sleep throughout the night I have a difficult time sleeping at night because of Night Terrors and events that took place in Iraq that now still haunt me I'm pleading with you before somebody else dies in this motel for no reason because the management and the night staff just look at this as being just another night at Motel 6 well I don't consider it to be that if you don't mind your name being rubbed in the mud and that's up to you but at this point in time I will be doing everything in my power to find an attorney that will follow up with this and find out what I can do as a disabled war vet I'm not privy to being treated like this and I certainly will not be taken lightly especially considering people have died here because of lack of interaction by the manager or the stop working at night they have one guy at the counter and the manager and both of them are I don't want to say afraid of stepping in butt they allow these people to come here and stay I have never had a complaint filed against me while I've stayed here in the past once I regret my second stay and will never stay here again it's extremely dangerous and is not acceptable for children but yet there are children here there are animals here at the animals that are here some of them are extremely aggressive and I have a service animal who wears an actual service harness and has all the documentation and everything needed to prove that she is a service animal and I've had several other dogs trying to attack her she now wears a big spike collar to protect your throat and I've had to change my routine with her witch unfortunately puts me in danger because our job is to predict my seizures before they come and it's difficult for her to do that when she's constantly watching for other animals unfortunately for me there were no other hotels available and as far as the staff here like I said I think your best bet to find out exactly what's happening is have somebody stay here for a week maybe to get to know some of the people that work here and you'll find out exactly where the problem is sending people in with clipboards like you did last time didn't do anything it was like an inspection and they knew you were coming so they made sure the Riff Raff was gone before you guys showed up the regional manager comes I think once or twice a week and he as far as I can tell does his job but again he comes during the day and the problems that occur here at night mostly after midnight to about 6 in the morning and a lot of it has to do with the fact that crack addicts and heroin addicts will stay up all night getting high and then will sleep all day get up in the at in the evening and the people who are staying here and pay the price for it I apologize if I'm not being very polite or happy about this but I'm paying $560 a week to stay here and no matter how many times I can complaint about the same issue nothing gets done about it even though it's caught on video they still choose to do nothing and blow it off like it's not a big issue well it is a big issue and I'm going to make sure that you know it's a big issue because the next time you hear from me it will be with the subpoena and it'll come from my attorney these events can't be prevented by making sure that the doors are not open at night and people coming and going at 2:33 in the morning through our front door should have to either let the staff know what room they're going to and what they're doing here at 3:30 in the morning I meant other motels and they have signs asking that guests do not have other guests attending their rooms after certain time which makes sense you allow drunks to let more drunks into the building and all of a sudden you get a building full of drunks but what about the people who have paid good money to stay here and all they want to do is sleep and they don't get that option I would suggest that you take some type of action against this and very quickly because again somebody will another person will end up deceased because of it whether you choose to believe me or not is up to you but I certainly hope you take this seriously how many people have to deal with this sort of situation and because there's no availability at any other motels in Brampton and you can check that for yourself unfortunately I'm stuck here for another week and I have no idea how long this other young ladies going to be here but moving me is not going to fix the problem I don't understand how this can continue knowing very well and they know very well that it's happening considering the security guard on Saturday night did a complete report on what occurred but again they don't ask her to leave and they don't tell her enough is enough please stop and it's extremely difficult to get anybody on the phone at night time what is the point in having any staff at the counter at night time when they do nothing about anything that goes on here and it's not like you're putting people in rooms because the sign there are no rooms available is up every night I should have known better after what occurred the last time I was here but again there were no vacancies anywhere else and with me filing the complaint that I did the last time I was here I had hoped that things have changed instead they have gotten much much worse I'm sorry to be the one telling you this but somebody needs to say something and I'm sure if you were to look at the reviews of this Motel some people may be saying that a good night that's great but I'm telling you all my point of you and where I'm staying in the room I'm staying in the room itself is fine. the cleaning staff do a great job and are very polite and courteous anything you need Zell try and provide it for you but when it comes 2 taking action on what's the current here I plead with you to do something like I said The more you tell them the more they're going to do to hide it hiding it is not fixing the problem you need to send somebody here that they don't know is here for that reason and watch the report you receive

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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