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The only people I can say actually did their job with dignity and class, were the housekeepers. I understand if the manager had a bad day, week, month or even year, maybe she just hates her job and life while she's at it, but that's still no excuse for the humiliation & utter disrespect I encountered with this woman and her staff for the past 42 days. My family and I, was overcharged $900, obviously we wouldn't be staying at a Motel if it wasn't absolutely necessary, it's a time of crisis for my family and I, this doesn't include the other 13 families staying there as well because they were displaced from their homes too, however; the difference between the other families and my own is that, they receive govt assistance vouchers and we pay out of pocket. April 27 (Mon.) I was told to get out or they would call cops, this threat was followed by her original statement (the manager) saying, "...I have a business to run...." well in my opinion she's not doing a very good job, at least for Motel 6 she's not, the brothel however is booming, I'm telling you guys as consumers, workers, tax payers, good honest hard working people who struggle to get foods on the table and live day-to-day, we're in the wrong business. We should apply at Motel 6 as a Guest Relations rep., but the brothel is booming. the statement she made to me before kicking me and my family out was this, "I have a business to run..." which is fine, however I don't think she's doing a very good job at it. And when you have 14 families staying in the same location because they were all displaced, whether your getting government assistance, as the other 13 families were or your paying out of pocket, which my family was, all THE CONSUMERS should be treated with dignity, respect and it wouldn't hurt if she attempted to use a little professionalism while she as it. Understandably we all have personal lives, with issues and problems, but for the most part we try to keep them at the door when we go to work, but that might be a little hard for her when she takes her work home with ........I mean when you live at the same place you work. Motel 6 has a pet-friendly policy, so friendly that even the employees that don't live there, can bring their dogs to work, they just put them in the laundry room. Yep that's right, even if you don't have a pet but still get allergies from animals, then come to Motel 6 in Nashua, just bring your Claritin D, but DON'T bring any medication that's actually prescribed to you that needs to be taken, because that can go missing from your room. (remember we're still NOT talking about housekeeping) That's right, if you can even get a person to pick up the phone at Nashua South store #2019, the conversation won't be long, and if they have vacancy odds are it depends whose working 'front desk' that night, because the manager is running a brothel with her staff. Oh ya, ladies watch out for your husbands, and even if they are faithful, use a condom......because my medication went missing and when I wanted to report it to the authorities, because it's necessary with certain medications, the manager suggested that I don't make a report because front desk staff isn't allowed in a guest' room while it's occupied. Which tells me right there this woman knew exactly everything that's going on there.

Your probably reading this thinking this woman's just emotional, after getting displaced from her home, having to stay in a Motel for 6 weeks and her husband's cheating on her with an employee there, however lets not ignore the cost issue. Let's do the math, NIGHTLY rates at Motel 6 in Nashua NH are $63.99 w/out tax, with tax the total is $69.75. With a 7 day stay the difference between a a nightly rate and weekly comes out to $75.18 difference, multiply that by 6 weeks, it comes out to $451.08. In addition to that, in the wonderful state of NH we don't have sales tax on everything, just services. Hotels & Motels are one of these services that are taxed, if you stay at a Motel for more than 30 days it's considered a temporary residence therefore they are unable by law to charge tax, so what this location does is have you check out on day 29 and check back in. At 9% tax rate, at a NIGHTLY rate with a 42 day stay comes out to $241.92, it's an extra $40.25 a week. That's a lot of money, especially for a family whose clearly staying there in a time of crisis. There's 13 other families in similar situations, staying at that exact location, all have been displaced the only difference between those families and mine, is that we don't get govt assistance vouchers to pay for our stay, it comes out of pocket. For the people/consumers out there that do have legitimate jobs and work hard for their money, (like me), living day-to day just to out a hot meal on the table for the kids, here's my thinking; we MUST all being doing something wrong, because we can just apply at Motel 6 for a "guest Services" job, post a a back-page ad and serve Johns all night using the hotel rooms that are open! I'm just saying, if you don't mind the STD's, STI's, danger of getting robbed, raped or killed, then it's not a bad gig working behind the desk for Motel 6. Think about it, what these 'workers' are doing is brilliant, they get paid to get laid, clientele checks in every night, ample opportunity and let's face it, sex sells it's always in-demand. They should change their motto from..."get paid to get laid, we'll leave the lights on for you and if you stay long enough with us, we'll even give you a parting gift, the gift that keeps on giving..."

Don't get me wrong, besides the the bed bug problem, the part-time brothel and indiscretions my husband had with one of the front desk employees, the place was nice and clean, that's why I don't understand why I got kicked out, and then threatened to have the police come, that's what urks me the most. Not even as a guest, consumer, or human being I still DO NOT KNOW WHY I WAS TOLD TO LEAVE THE PREMISE. Besides the issues I have with my husbands indiscretion, most of the front desk staff and the managers lack of respect for people in general, I stayed there so as NOT to disrupt my my children's lives any more than they've encountered, but the place was clean, bug free and the location was perfect so not to disrupt their daily routine anymore. But after Monday, everyone's going to find out about this location because quite frankly I don't even know how this location is making profit other than the employees, who do you think has to clean up the rooms after they use it? Housekeepers, that's labor cost, not to mention the guest complaints, pest control services and tax evasion issues, oh wait that's probably how they make up for their loss in sales. They just overcharge the customers that do pay, and when one complains or confronts them on some of the unfair policies they've enacted, then they just kick them out! s I'm telling you, this woman's brilliant, too bad she puts more effort into the side business she's running, she probably could have climbed the corporate latter if she applied it to her work ethic. Disgusted and broke.

Reason of review: All of the Above.

Monetary Loss: $690.

Preferred solution: $690 is the total from not receiving the weekly rate and the tax in addition, my 2 children and I are still temporarily if NOT permanently displaced from our home, anything would help at this point..

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