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I called to book my room July 8,or 9 2018 for 5 nights but the price was $477.00 plus tax, so i asked how much 4 night would be and it was $377, so i booked my room. I paid at 8 am July 12 2018 my checkin date.

My spouse had to go to work and i have no car ,so i assumed i could wait outside in the shade by the pool at the seati g area, now mind u,i had seen the front desk clerk come outside to smoke by the pool at least 3 times within 45 minutes, i was next door getting breakfast. My spouse had to cash his check next door at Walmart where he works. He then went and paid $377.00 for our room that had no fridge, or microwave because it was a smooking room, had she told me that when i booked my room four days ago i would have taken a non smoking room so we had a fridge,etc. Then it turned out she gave us six nights for $377.00 plus a $100 deposit which is fine, but we had to wait until 3:30 pm to check into my room, even tho i booked in advance three or four days ago, which was ok, but i didnt have a car, my spouse went to work, and i had all of our bags and my pet, so i figured we could wait outside in the seating area until my room was ready.

The lady from the front desk came outside probablly for her fourth or fifth smoke break within the past hour, i went to get some coffee, and when i came outside she asked if that was my pet and my stuff and i said yes my spouse just checked us in, she says no one can check in until 3:30, i said i mean he just paid for our room for six nights. She got rude and asked if we are gonna wait her all day, i said until my room is ready, i booked my room over the phone three days ago. She said i had to leave that i couldnt wait there, i had to leave the property, checkin is not until 3:30. Even tho on my confirmation letter it says checkin July 12,2018 11:09 am.

I got irratated and said i just paid $377.09 plus another $100 for the deposit and i can not checkin into my roim i booked four days in advance, my room has no fridge, o microwave, and when i stayed at the same hotel June 28,2018 for three nights my room was dirty, holes in the bathroom door, stained sheets dirty *** floors, my microwave in the non smoking room did not work, it took three hours to get fresh towels. I left my room clean, picked up all the garbage, all u had to do was dump the garbage , get clean sheets and towels, and then they could have rented the room out agian, thats probably all they did cause i left my room clean. there were tweakers in and out the motel all hours, people using knives to get into the door {{Redacted}} that were not guests, people with the screens pulled off the window hanging out the window. Also she said she could not allow me to wait there on the property because then she would have the homeless hangi g out, which they already do.

I said i am a guest i just paid four hundred dollars to stay here and i can not wait right here out of the way in the heat until my roim was ready, as i was trying to get my stuff to leave to go wait somewhere else. She said she was gonna give me my money back because i wouldnt leave, when i was getting my stuff, i had my purse two backpacks for our luggage, and two other bags and my dog so i was trying ti get my stufff as she said i wouldnt leave. I left and went to wait off the property untul 3:30 so i could checkin. Last time i stayed when we paid she let us checkin at 12:30, and then my room was filthy, the phone did not work, or the microwave, holes in the doors, dirty tub, toilet, floors, dirty stained sheets, burn holes in the blanket, it took about three hours to get fresh towels.

I still decided to stay there again. After i left she called my spouse at work at 9:00 am and said we couldnt stay there and he had to come get the money, that she wouldnt give me the money back, and that she was not going to keep any money. He told her well we never even got unto a room that u can not keep any money, and to give me the money back because he was at work, she refused, he had to leave work at 9:30 to go get our money back. When he checked in he said i would have the $100 deposit, and to make sure i was on the account for the room so i could check us in and pay the deposit while he was at work.

She refused to give me the money. My confirmation letter says checkin July 12,2018 11:00 am, so why could i not check in. I understand someone was probably in my room and the had to have it cleaned , which i completley understand i was ginna wait, but to get kicked off the property for waiting for my room that i booked in advance is completly *** and out of line.

I understand the area is known for homeless, and tweakers, but when i said i just paid $400 , i am a guest and that is not how u treat paying customers, there was no reason i couldnt have waited on the property for my room, i am a guest i paid cash, she should not have treated a cash paying customer that way. She was either on a power trip, or just did not want me there because then she and the maids and staff but mostly her could not take five smoke breaks every hour.What kind of hotel are you running, that i could not wait on the property after paying for my room.

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Room.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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