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There is so much that has taken place.

*This is in a non smoking room..... multiple cigarette holes in the bedspread & in the shower curtain. (I have pictures)

Besides the overall worksmanship of any renovations (I have pictures) many issues follow:

*the shower water is not temperature regulated. It jumps in an instant from "comfortable" to scolding hot or to ice cold.

*The parking in this hotel parking lot is apparently shared with the nightclub that is next door. We were told by management that ALL cars in this lot are patrons of the hotel. (I have pictures) Also, we observed employees from the nightclub come to the hotel parking lot to retrieve cars for nightclub patrons. **Please note: it is now 2:58am. The parking lot is thinning out as the nightclub patrons are leaving.

***Also, management informed us that the hotel provides concert shuttling for people whom are attending concerts. The people park in this lot, then Motel 6 shuttles the people to and from the concert. HOW IS THIS OK FOR THE PEOPLE PAYING FOR A ROOM?

**** I want to, at this time, mention that I have handicap parking!

*This room is just dirty. (I have pictures)

*The deadbolt lock on our door is not locking from the inside. I called the front desk, asked for assistance. I was told "we'll see if someone can come & look at it"..... no surprise.... no one came. In the meantime, we discovered that if we lifted the heavy steel door, the deadbolt will then lock. I do not care if the

door locks from the outside automatically. This is a clear safety issue. This door leads directly outside, not a hallway, mind you.

*Toilet shakes when your on it.

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