Fort Worth, Texas
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We check in a week ago and we're planning to stay longer stop before we could make it to office they had rented the room out from underneath us unfortunately this time of the month a lady has her issues and had accidentally bled through to a sheet they threatened to throw us out and because of this reason and I am very *** appalled about this room service is the worst they barely come by and when they do they're the rudest I have ever seen after taking a shower and washing her face she got some makeup on a washcloth and was not only scolded about it make a change of scenery but was scolded about it in front of other people that were staying hereafter peeing four hundred and something dollars a week and only getting a cup of *** coffee in the morning this is the worst and you get insurance what the *** motel is this town this is your motel 6 in Alvarado Texas PS there is trash and *** all over the place that is not picked up not only does this place suck *** I want a full *** refund on my card and the *** refrigerator leaks like crazy which they have been told and they said they cannot do nothing about it and just walked away and every trash can is overflowing with trash

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You got a fridge? Lucky. Did they charge you for that too?


haan, ten dollar!


Well, at least they were upset about the sheets. I have stayed at "No-Tell" Motels before where they just leave them that way.

And I think that $400 a week for such a low-class place as the Motel 6 is Highway Robbery. They should only be priced at $100 a week.

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