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I stayed at the hotel in Blythe Ca on the 26th of Nov. 2018 and it was the dirtiest hotel I have ever experienced!

I took pictures and they are disgusting! The shower curtain smelled like urine, the toilet had urine drops on the base and on the floor. The bath tub has so much soap *** on it and behind the toilet there was so much dirt and dust collected there it was gross.

Thebed, nasty, had stains and what looked like bugs and hair , The cover wasn't even made properly, The pillow cases were dirty and the towels were yellowed with stains.

The floor wasn't mopped in a while.

Over all this was the grossest place ever !! I was lucky enough to have had my own towels in my car so I was able to shower before work, though that experience was done with caution.

I do knot know how Motel 6 could let its rooms look like that. Who ever is in charge of that p[lace needs to be fired or put through a retraining on how to clean and make beds.

I have shown these pics to my boss in hopes of never having to send us employees to another Motel 6 again.

If you would like to see these pictures I would be happy to send them to you.

Marilyn Denise Stultz

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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