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Im in las begas boulder hyw snd i never been in a worse motel 6 . First my bookingd were all lost. I repeatedly had to resign in and was given wifi , which DOesNot work, for my duration of s 5 day booking but do i get to use it??? No *** no i have to psy sll over again . .
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Anonymous Get off the interwebs, and enjoy the world..wifi is a luxury, not a right or need to survive


Anonymous Let me clarify since i was pissed when i wrote the original. The wifi i oid for up front for my 5day booking. First off it. Srely works speeds of 0.15 download. Needless to sa...

I am trying to look up other motel 6 locations foe my future travels. Apparently THIS motel 6 doesnt want its patrons going online and using the reservation website to check pricing and availability of any other motel 6 locally or nationally. I am using my phone, NOT THEIR WIFI. Somehow they have made it so anyone at this location cannot access the website. No matter WHAT I do, even when I try to access it through a GOOGLE ad, I keep...
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Motel 6 came on for two seconds then went off. I moved around the room. Certain areas it would flash then go off. This is when I noticed that there were no towels. Forget the phone. Walked across the motel to the office again. She pulled out a small stack of terrycloth items. When I took them from her I noticed they were damp. OH well as hot as it is they should dry. The stack did not include a washcloth. The next morning I woke feeling OK. Went...
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I liked
  • Good water temp and pressure
  • Easy access to get on and off interstate
I didn't like
  • Whole experience
  • Cost being up charged compared to other motel 6s

Motel 6 Wi-fi Facility Review

Unable to contact to wifi ~ called front desk was advised router would be reset ~ after an hour of waiting ~ called back to advised unable to contact ~ no resolution...
We always stay at m6 buffalo airport freeman road weekly each summer. We do not plan to return because 1. Having to pay by the day and by the device for Wi-Fi is ridiculous. We both have a cell phone and we had to leave the motel to carry on business. Who came up with this bright idea? 2. We were told after we moved in and after we paid that if you stay by the week you get limited maid service, this also is not a very good idea. We do not plan...
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