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I have been staying at motel 6 since Feb. 29 2016 off and on between the Santq Rosa Ca Area to Vacaville Ca Area and every stay I have been highly unsatisfied with my room accomidations and at some properties the customer service.

After checking into the Pittsburg Ca property I was informed that the Air Conditioning for the entire property was broken and would not b fixed during my stay. The clerk told me after I had paid and come back due to my room not being ready as I had requested. The rooms I have been given are really a joke and quite insulting. The sinks have been clogged, the toilets wont flush, air not working, dirty and/or stained linen, the headboards falling off the wall hitting my boyfriend in his head while asleep causing injury, and last but not least at the Pittsburg Ca Property my son finds 2 syringes on the towel rack with what appears to be heroin in them!

Now I have brought all my complaints to the property managers and have not been compensated or accknowledged in anyway. Last week I had an issue with someone in my room and went to the desk clerk in Santa Rosa Ca South and asked for help n he wouldnt help me told me it was my problem cause I let them into my room...I ended up getting cut n beat up when I returned to my room to try n get them out and call the police. In the past 90 days I would say I have stayed with your company at least 75 days/nights at $55 - $85 per night averaging $65 per night equaling $4,768.

Thats a lot of money and then to be put into terrible rooms and not being able to move because most of the time the properties are sold out or they just dont want to deal with it. I havent heard anything from corperate and I am only going to give it another few days before I then go to Channel 4 News.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of motel 6 room. Motel 6 needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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