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You know ive had some really bad motels but this one tops it.

It started off with me my girlfriend and her sister and her bf (room is under sis bf name)

Well when we check the room out it seemed ok to the naked eye.

When my gf sat on a corner of the bed closet to the RR it fell down. There was a missing leg.

Ok i can deal with that

Then i go to wash my hands and noticed the sink was clogged up and went dpwn slow it even backed up something nasty...

Alright i can deal witu that. Later on i wemt to take my dog out for a walk and when i vame back in and attempted to shut my door but it wont shut.

Alright whstever im a patient person.

Then what tops it all off is when i lay on the other bed and after about ten minutes of me shifting aroumd half the bed collapsed.

It couldve been worse i couldve hurt myself.

So thats it i call the front desk to only notoce that the phone does not work and its due to the jack being pushed in.

Ok call on my cell.

All to tell them our room is no where near in livable conditions.

And since its not under my name i can dp nothing.

Yes im aggravated but i kept my calm and the lady working last night said o had an attitude and that she knew where tjis was going??

She then said if i keptbyje attitude she would have police esxort me out...

So now ive been threatend ???!


So this is last night jan 25 2016

The following mornibg i proceed to pay abother day to allow this issue some justice

So me and my GF went to the office to PAY another day. Cause it wasnt about the money manager Lauren boold us in and accomidates us a free night in which i told her we didnt want our money back. But she saod it was right.

Ok great now im getting some kind of clousure so it seems.

This was at 1248 pm

Then here comes the maintanence man to say that Lauren needed us that she called our room but remeber the phone jack broken

So we go up it about 1245 ish amd we are now talking to Lauren and now she is explaining how she wasnt supposed to accomadate the way the room was and shoulnt have given us a room again. Were talking to her and showing her the videos we took and another man walks up and she imediately ignores us. She even hooked him up on some wifi....

So now you have an employee who threatens customers with law enforcement. A manager that gives away items and a company who saus that they will do nothing and now we have to leave.

What did we do?

Why do you treat customers like that?

Why is lauren a manager

When we told her how dirty it was and showed pictures she stated that her cleaners dont have to clean under the bed.

Really? And choose to have no integrity at all. No morals? Lack of empathy

Policiy says yall are allowed to treat us this way but when that other customer came in and she showed him more respect than id seen my stay here.

Were people to.

That threat with the cops intimadated me. Im a felon just released yet inwould do nothing that Motel 6 displayed ever.

Motel 6

2550 N Cen Expswy

Plano Tx


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need to learn spell. Second it's a motel 6 for god sakes,, what did you accept.

Then you go to renew for a another night. Felony or no felony, no one should be treated that way.

Next time, spend a few more dollars and get a real hotel.

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