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First time staying and last. My boyfriend and I checked into a room that was dirty only to have the owner come in and move us on his own next door over.

Again the floor was filthy and housekeeping had to come clean and I had to mop myself bc they never returned. Within the first hour or so we used the bathroom which our toilet wouldn’t flush and the floor was nasty and had roaches and the inside of the tub and beetle type bugs. Went to use the room phone to let the desk know out bathroom was out and the phone was broken. We headed down to walk all the way to the front and I slipped in a huge puddle of water coming from the ac.

We get down there and let the owner know who he and his wife could barely speak any English say they will take care of. Toilet never got fixed much less looked at for the two weeks we stayed there. About 2-3 hours after checking in I pulled the sheets back on the bed to discover bugs all over and on the pillow cases and corners of the bed I took videos of it and pictures and called down to the front desk again from my cell to which the girl working tells me strip the bedding and bring it all down with the padding and pillows as well they will take care of it shortly. Several hours go by and nothing so we went down to the office again to find a new desk girl who was very ugly and racist and made threats towards me.

She asked me and my boyfriend did y’all actually bring the linens down here?!? Then said well I tried to call you over an hour ago and y’all didn’t answer the phone!!!! Yea we didn’t Answer your broken phone! She tells us the owner said you deal with it or he is thrown y’all off the property with about half of your money back and since it was paid with a credit card it will take 3-5 days for a refund now this is closer to midnight and we spend all the money we could afford paying $700 for 2 weeks at this place and didn’t have extra to go pay somewhere else.

We decided to stay instead of being put on the street with nothing. We told the girl we don’t have any sheets or blankets and she laughed and said the owner said he doesn’t have any extra to give you now we are in a building with at least 30 rooms all vacant all made up but he didn’t have any extra so we slept on a dirty mattress and that’s all. We didn’t actually get sheets and pillows till the next night. We never received housekeeping the entire stay for two weeks.

I asked daily and the owner always said something different. We where harassed by the owners over and over. I had to buy my own towels bc they would not pick up the dirty wet towels from the leaking ac outside the door that sat for days. The only housekeeping staff I ever did experience was an only lady asking everyone for drugs.

About 5 days into our stay the owner walked into our room unannounced without knocking and walked thru the place and tells us this wasn’t his microwave!!! Then said it was from another room on the other side the property. Asking how did it get here!?!? Again my first and only time staying here.

He treated my boyfriend like a criminal bc he spoke to some of the other guests about his issues and threatened to kick us out. The day before we were due to check out the owner wakes us up at 6am screaming for us to come to the lobby the police are on their way. He apparently found out I was related to a previous guest whom he didn’t like. This person had never come to my room or visited me.

Yet he tells me he is throwing us out bc he is related to me so when the police get there the cop tells the owner that is illegal and he would personally help me sue this man if he threw us out and then told us he is horrible and always trying to steal people money. I’ve never in my life experienced anything like this. This man and his house of horrors needs to be shut down.

I’m contacting a lawyer today. Maybe your insurance company can do a two for one since I’m sure your gonna be making a claim for your wife running her van completely into one of the rooms at this same time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do you got the money to pay those lawyers? I don't think that they will take your case "Pro Bono". Maybe you could check into the legal aid society.

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