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My first stay with this chain was in vero beach Florida. The room had mildew, the floors were so filthy my feet turned black walking around, my bed sheets were USED there was blood and bodily fluids along with hair all over the sheets, I asked for extra pillows they gave me ONE, then my hot water wasn’t even ON in the room!!

They had to come in and turn it on. The staff was extremely rude and uncaring about the whole *** that was my first two days of a three day stay. Then when they got news I called corporate they made me leave early!

Then I stayed at one in central Florida. The AC in the room didn’t work and again covered in filth all over.

Then I went to one in Cartersville Florida using the same travel site to pay for it as the last two motel 6s and they wanted my husband to email his ID and credit card front and back to their PERSONAL email address!!

*** no! They said it was policy. BULL. Then the man was cursing AT me over the ordeal.

Calling me racial slurs and calling my husband a N1gg3r!

It was by far the most horrendous experience. Of course I didn’t stay there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well, they're kind of like McDonald's "restaurants", in theory you are supposed to have the identical experience at all of the locations, but in reality, some of them are alot better than others. It all depends on the location and the management and the particular circumstances.

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