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Booked one motel room at Motel 6 for 2 nights, total paid was $86. I didn't expect it to be anything spectacular but didn't expect what I found my last night there after I had to pull the dresser away from the wall to grab my phone after it had fallen between the dresser and the wall, when I seen some garbage and dust I decided to pull the dresser and the fridge out even further away from the wall and found so much garbage and dust thick enough it looked as though it was about to crawl away.

I was so disgusted I decided to look around and inspect the rest of the room and found mold in the tub, hair mixed with cobwebs and what appears to be oil in the door hinges and in the corners of the walls, something that looks like blood splattered along the door frame. I will never recommend Motel 6 in La Crosse Wi to anyone nor will I ever return. $86 dollars wasn't even worth the filfth I stayed in.

I'm so disgusted. Have video and pictures that will not load but I will definitely be sharing them to their Facebook page and you can bet I'll be filing a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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