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I stayed at Hotel 6 in Horn Lake, MS on 1/18/19-1/20/19. My stay was terrible.

I haven't seen my husband for over 3 weeks due to him working in the area. When I checked into my room it seemed okay to the first glance. At night the hotel was filled with the smell of marijuana. There are people living in this hotel with pets.

The floors were filthy. I found drugs in my room on the floor. There was food in the frig from the previous people staying in the room. My wall was leaking and the maintenance man....while fixing the TV that fell off the wall took my towel and put it on the floor to collect the water.

I asked for towels on the morning of the 19th. I was informed there were none clean and they had to wash but assured me I would have some in my room by the afternoon. I asked again that afternoon and was informed she forgot and would bring some right up to me. Well we left for dinner and arriving back at 9 pm requested towels again and received none.

The 20th morning I called and requested towels and was informed I could come down and get one towel.

I will never stay at that hotel again. This hotel is should be shut down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Room.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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SInce you had no issue staying in the room, you should have no issue paying. If you cannot afford to stay at a hotel sleep in a cardboard box, or bus shelter if it is too cold. There are homeless shelters as well.


Why anyone in 2019 would choose to stay at a Motel 6 and expect good results is astonishing. Motel 6 has long been known to be an absolute *** hole in most locations. I’d rather sleep in a card board box.


I agree with you 100%. You are much better off paying double the price for a clean and decent and safe place from one of their competitors.


The OP should have slept in a cardboard box since she cannot afford to sleep in a hotel room. Obviously the issue for her was not that bad since she choose to say.


Since you had no issue staying in the hotel room, you should have no issue paying or your stay. If you cannot afford to stay in a hotel room then sleep in a cardboard box or bus shelter if the weather is too cold.

No need to get refund since the issues were not that bad. If they were that bad you would not stay there.


The cost of the hotel was not nor is it an issue. I feel the hotel should lose money due to its standards.

If people like you stay and not say anything or demand any recourse for the issues then it will only get worse not better... The hotel seemed to be ran by a mother and her children. The housekeeper was 15 yrs old the mothers daughter. I feel this hotel need to looked into further then just the cover.

Keep your rude comments to yourself!! If you’re not helping...thank you


But you had no issue staying at the hotel. I am not being rude.

Must honest.

You stayed there you should pay. If you really had an issue you should have asked for your money back and left.


I agree with you.


You tell him I feel that you should have gotten your money back and the room clean with a free stay especially when they didn't clean out the refrigerator that jerk that is writing to you would probably be the first one to complain if it was his money I agree with you sorry you had a bad day

@Italy 911

How do we know the OP is telling the truth. If it were really that bad she would not have stayed. Just some homeless person that cannot afford a home and got some money and spent it on a hotel room and wants the money back to buy drugs.

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