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I reserved two rooms at the motel 6 in Cocoa Beach we were in 2 separate cars my fiance and I. And when my fiance got there to check in Jackie at the front desk refused him the room because he "smelled" like marijuana!

She didnt see, he wasnt under the influence, but she seen him and said she smelled ***. I am beyond disgusted. He doesnt smoke and neither do I. So how on earth can you say someone smelled like marijuana.

I called her and she said thats company policy to refuse to someone who intoxicated or smells like ***. I am so insulted I have never smoked a day in my life

Product or Service Mentioned: Motel 6 Receptionist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1325423

Marijuana has a rather distinctive odor which is easy to spot and hard to disguise. Once you smell it, you know what it smells like for the future.

Bottom line is that they own the motel and if they don't wish to have your business, then go elsewhere. You have no constitutional right to a room, mate.


Wow! There is a lot of begging on here, but begging for mercy because you went to a hotel room and was refused service because you were high?

THAT'S your argument to get something free? Like I said, wow.

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