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  • From mobile
  • 19 hours ago
  • #942094

This location has bed bugs and spiders do people there are getting they have cats dogs we've heard or seen some drugs there's prostitutes working and the manager does not care. This afternoon and give unexplained charges with no receipt or won't let you in your room this is by far the worst Motel 6 in should get new management

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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #942006
Motel 6 Hotels and Resorts complaint 169716
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I stayed at Motel 6 in Oshkosh WI October 19th and 20th it was awful the bathroom was full of mold and the shower stall bottom had cracks in it. It also had lots of dust and the bed was itchy and we woke up with numerous bites.

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!/2 of front door broken & locked. Both rear doors broken & Locked. Hand rail in the only stair well is coming off the wall. Molding around doors kicked off & laying in hallway. Zero outdoor lights & security cameras. Police records show drugs being sold out of 1st floor window into main parking area & constant reports of theft from cars. A Police stake out is being planed . This is an unsafe location where a $550 new Ryobi 2200 watt... Read more

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I have worked for motel 6 for 3 weeks and my boss Manny of the globe AZ motel 6, has treated me so awful I am 8 months pregnant and I called into work one day stating why I wasn't able to attend work and he shouted at me " if I didn't come in I was fired" then he made it all his workers problem to find me a ride to work. I showed up 30 minutes after he called and he then addressed me rudely and expected me to clean 4 rooms in one hour. I kindly... Read more

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Had dirty towels , Had a dead bug in the bathroom , Killed 2 other bugs climbing on the walls, Floors was dirty,Sink was dirty, The water in the bath would not adjust Hot to Cold, Dead bolt on the door would not lock.The floors in the room were un even, the toilet seat was loose. There was no shampoo. To beat it all the price was inflated to $187.00. for 1 nights stay.The night cleark was not very friendly Don't travel a whole lot 4 or 5 times... Read more

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Never stay at the red oaks Texas location we found used drug bags and they had drug residue in them still a drug spoon and nasty towels rags under the bed sheets had blood stains and sex stains all over them we had them changed and the new ones also had blood stains cigarette burns on them guy seen a cigarette butt on the floor making the bed he just picked it up threw it out the door it stunk like nasty cigarette smoke bad mold in the bathroom... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 15
  • #937228

I stayed at hotel on weekend of Mississippi and Arkansas game in Fayetteville. It was filthy, sink cracked with a big chip. I found a cacoroach running across floor. It was discussing and overpriced.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 13
  • #936357
Motel 6 Room complaint 167658
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This has been one of the worst maintained rooms I've rented

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I made a reservation on the mobile app after 6:00 pm . I then called to cancel the reservation as I had an emergency and could not make it. I called three times and I was placed on hold, and the other two times I called the call dropped of course as soon as I got someone on the line. I called again and finally spoke with someone who was very pleasant . She simply advised that my card had already been charged and she could not refund the... Read more

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This is just one bed bug I found at motel 6 in Texas city Texas. I found roaches everywhere even in refrigerator ruining all my food. I told person at desk and she said she had to make a request to corporate and get back with me. I demand a refund because my wife got bit by bed bugs.

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