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I checked into motel 6 "we keep the light on" in Salt Lake City, Utah. I went to room 253. The TV did not work, numerous light were out. The door was not locked when we got there. I went down to the office to complain. They sent me to room 251, the tv did work, many lights were out, there was trash under the bed. I GOT ALL THIS FOR $67. I asked for a 6:00 wake up call. we did not get the call. All in All, THIS WAS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, IT WON'T... Read more

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My friend and I paid for our second nights stay. While in the office, I requested that I be "brought towels and linens". When the nearly English illiterate housekeeper entered, she wanted to keep the door open (we are experiencing a WINTER ICE AND SNOW STORM and both of us have the flu). She then stated, "Oh, ju hab pets... I call office." Then spoke enitirely in Spanish. The head office called and asked if we had pets. I said, "No, I have a... Read more

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They have bed bugs and they are very rude motel 6 don't take no kind of consideration about your. Bed bug bites I'm seeking a lawyer in my situation

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Reserved a room at motel 6 victorville (stoddard wells road location) a bit pricey@107.00 for a single room on new years eve in a small desert community.the bed was the worst ever !! A queen mattress on a wood platform,it was necessary to lay pillows down to keep the patruding spings from poking me .A very restless limited night of sleep! This room should have NEVER been rented in this condition,i feel i deserve at least a partial refund.Not... Read more

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Drug infected motel 6 dirty for over 5 years sheet stain bed spread stain and holes in them stinking room .Gm blames everyone else for them not taking care of the Hotel to began with its every one else fault the gm doesn't give the housekeeper time to clean room right they give the housekeeper 20 min to clean up room that are blood stain needles from drug addict and every things else *** in the sinks on towel floors .and then blame the... Read more

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Found a crack kit in my bed. The sheets were filthy, as was the room. If the bed sheets had been changed before a new customer arrived, there is no way they wouldn't have found the drugs.

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Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions complaint 183336
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Bedbugs. Most disgusting mattress I have ever seen, it looks like a dead body was left on it and decomposed for a while before someone found them. Roaches. Hadn't ever been cleaned.

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Motel 6 Sanitary Conditions Review
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Loud, bugs, had to change rooms multiple times. Read more

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Farmington Michigan motel 6. Rooms and service is good. But they rent to trashy people and don't do any policing. For three weeks I'm next door to a couple with a is paying for their stay cause neither have a job.all night people are knocking on the door and gathering outside to get high and act like fools. Today someone comes over and is pounding on door demanding money they owe which turns into a fight. Management doesn't even... Read more

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Staff was extremely friendly but when i turned the light on in the bathroom at 4am the cocroaches literally scattered. I was so creeped out by this site that it upsets me. I ALWAYS use Motel 6 when traveling. Not sure if I will after this.

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